Program Overview

Little League was founded in Williamsport, PA, in 1939. Locally, Glebe Little League started up around 1954. Little League has a long history of providing a positive baseball experience to many children ages 5 to 18.

Every so often, other folks start up alternative baseball programs. Some last, some don't. Inevitably, some will compare themselves to Little League. However, they often get some details wrong, and they certainly don't go out of their way to 'sell' the benefits of the Little League program. Therefore, we are presenting an overview of the Little League program, and encourage people to refer to it when they consider their participation in other baseball programs.

Please send us an e-mail if you have any questions about the Little League program.

Program Breakdown

  Blastball Coach Pitch Minor Major Junior Senior Big League
Ages * 4-6 years 7-8 years 9-10 years 11-12 years 13-14 years 15-16 years 17-18 years
Max Roster Size 8 13 13 13 13 15 17
# of Games ** 2 per week 2 per week 2 per week 2 per week 2 per week 2 per week 2 per week
Pitching Distance n/a coach 46 ft 46 ft 54 ft or 60 ft 6in 60 ft 6in 60 ft 6in
Basepaths 50 ft 50 ft 60 ft 60 ft 80 ft or 90 ft 90 ft 90 ft
Seasons *** Spring Spring, Summer Spring, Summer, Tournament Spring, Summer, Tournament Spring, Summer, Tournament Spring, Summer, Tournament May - August, Tournament
Fees $60 - $100 $70 - $120 $100 - $150 $110 - $150 $120 - $160 $130 - $160 $230 - $320
* Ages: Little League uses ages as of May 1st of the current year. Locally, Big League is also permitted up to three 19 year-old "over-agers", who may play House League, but may not play in Tournament playdowns.
** # of games: Little League requires a minimum 12 game regular season prior to June 15. In Ottawa we also have a playoff after that. Many Spring and Summer teams participate in weekend tournaments, which may be local or away.
*** Seasons are Spring (House League in May and June), Summer (House League in July and August) and Tournament (World Series playdowns). "Tournament" (with a capital 'T') refers to the Little League playdowns which include Districts, Provincials, Canadians, and World Series. Tournament teams often participate as a team in Summer House League as long as they are not active in the Tournament playdowns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many games will there be a week?
During the spring and summer seasons there will be 2 games a week, and possibly some weekend tournaments depending on your team and league. In Tournament Play, teams can play much more. In District 6, the Tournament playdowns are double-elimination format, which guarantees each team a minimum of two games.

Will all players get a chance to play in games?
House league has a mandatory fair play rule in which a player cannot sit more than one inning unless all other players present have sat out.  In Tournament play, the Mandatory Play rule is 1 defensive inning and 1 at bat for Junior and lower age levels.

Are there different levels of play in each age category?
There are 2 different levels of play in House League. There are Canadians ("A") and Nationals ("B").

We hold pre-season tryouts to determine which level best suits each player.

What kind of equipment will players need?
Players will need a baseball glove. Players age 12 and under are not permitted to use metal spikes on their shoes. Little League teams provide the bats and catcher's equipment for games.

How do I know which League's territory we live in?
Visit this Google Map to view league boundaries.