Constitution amended
April 21, 1998
ADDRESS: 235 Dale Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario. K1G 0H6
OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this organization are as stated by LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL & LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL CANADA.
ARTICLE #1: The operation of this organization will be controlled by the Board of Directors, consisting of the following members:
  1. District Administrator
  2. Chairman (A.D.A.)
  3. Secretary
  4. League Directors: One from each participating association which is in good standing with this organization.
District Administrator
  1. Is responsible for ensuring that the activities of the Board of Directors are consistent with the objectives, and accordingly has veto powers over all Board decisions.
  2. In the absence of the Chairman, shall assume those responsibilities.
  3. Shall call and chair the Annual Meeting by no later than the second Wednesday in September at 7:30 pm.
Chairperson (A.D.A.)
  1. Shall call a Board of Directors meeting prior to October 1st for the purpose of making constitutional changes, summarizing the past season, and be accountable for any decisions made.
  2. Shall call other meetings of the Board of Directors as required.
  3. Shall take recommendations to the District Administrator on behalf of the Board of Directors.
  4. Shall take any urgent decisions not specified in the Constitution, make such interpretation of the Constitution as required for the satisfactory operation of the league, and report any such decision to the District Administrator.
  5. Shall perform other duties as requested by the District Administrator.
  1. Shall record and distribute minutes of Board of Director meetings
  2. Shall give notice of future board meetings.
  3. Shall perform other duties as requested by the Chairperson
League Directors
  1. Shall be the spokesperson for their Association at the meeting of the Board of Directors.
  2. The Chairperson may recognize a substitute League Director who, in the absence of a League Director, will be responsible for acting on their behalf.
ARTICLE #3: A quorum is half the League Directors (or substitutes) and the Chairperson or District Administrator.
ARTICLE #4: A recommendation of the Board of Directors will be determined by a simple majority vote of all members present, with one vote per member.
ARTICLE #5: Any recommendation for amendment to this Constitution must be submitted to the Chairperson prior to the Annual Meeting.
ARTICLE #6: At the Annual Meeting the District Administrator shall appoint people to serve as Chairperson and Secretary, and shall present any amendments to this Constitution for decision.
ARTICLE #7: Any Association wishing to participate in this organization must advise the Chairperson, and pay the assessed entry fee per team by the third week of April.
ARTICLE #8: Each team accepted to participate in this organization must be duly chartered under an Association and must carry approved insurance.
  1. Each player on a team roster must reside within the boundaries of that Association, except as provided in b).
  2. A player who has tried out for his Association's team, but who is not selected to that team's roster, is eligible to be taken onto the roster of another team, as provided in c) and d).
  3. A player described in b) may request release from his home Association to become eligible to try out for another District 6 team. Upon such request, the release shall be provided in writing by the President of the Association.
  4. A player described in b), or any player who resides in District 6 but outside the boundaries of a participating association, may be assigned to another District 6 team by the Chairperson, such assignment to be based on the following considerations:
    1. Approval of all associations directly involved.
    2. League equality
    3. Geographical location of team & player.
    4. Any other factors considered pertinent by the Chairperson.
  1. Each team is to provide the Chairperson with an initial roster of not more than eighteen (18) players at least one (1) week before the first scheduled game. The 15th through to the 18th player may also be registered on a "B" team roster within the same league.
  2. The roster in the hands of the Chairperson as amended by May 30, shall become the permanent roster which can only be amended because of illness or injury of a rostered player, or other justifiable reason as determined by the Chairperson.
  3. A player deleted from the roster under b) may be reinstated but the player who initially replaced him on the roster must be deleted, only if the roster number exceeds 18 players.
  1. Team standings will be determined on the basis of winning percentages. A tie breaker will be determined by the team with the highest number of wins.
  2. Games not played as scheduled are to be made up as soon as conveniently possible for the two teams. If an agreement cannot be achieved on the time and location, the Chairperson is to be notified by the teams involved, and will establish a time and location.
  3. At the end of the schedule, any game not completed, will be considered a loss to both teams. Under certain circumstances. this is subject to a ruling by the Chairperson.
  1. A member of a team ejected from a game, is suspended for the NEXT league game, including play-offs, with additional penalties at the discretion of the Chairperson.
  2. A member of a team ejected from a game for the second or subsequent time during league play, is suspended for the next three (3) league games, including play-offs. Additional penalties may be assessed at the discretion of the Chairperson.
  3. For the purposes of this Article, a game shall include that period immediately prior to and following the completion of the game.
ARTICLE#13: The league and play-off schedules shall be determined by the Board of Directors.
  1. Applications for the position of All-Star Team Manager will be solicited by the Big League Board of Directors to close by May 15th each year. Applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors who will interview the best prospective candidates (if necessary and at their discretion). Based on their review, the Board of Directors will select the All-Star Team Manager. The manager should be the candidate who best reflects the following knowledge and attributes:
    • Demonstrated knowledge of baseball and its rules
    • Minimum of three years coaching experience at the Junior, Senior or Big League level
    • Sound educational and organizational skills
    • Strong interpersonal skills
  2. The Manager shall select his own coaching and managerial staff from within Big League District Six.
  3. The Manager shall, in conjunction with his coaching staff and at least three evaluators who are big league coaches, select the District All-Star Team. The Manager will submit player evaluation/selection criteria to the ADA Big League for his concurrence prior to the first All-Star Team tryout.
ARTICLE#15: The Board of Directors may establish rules governing the operation of subordinate level of league play, such as a "B" or "recreational" league. Such rules will not conflict with this Constitution.
ARTICLE#16: The Official Regulations and playing rules of Big League Division of Little League Baseball shall apply to this organization.
ARTICLE#17: Failure to comply with any provision of this Constitution may result in the forfeiture of a game or games, or any other penalty as considered appropriate by the Chairperson.