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District 6 Tournaments Manager Guidelines

Please note that "Manager" has the baseball definition - i.e. the Head Coach

  • Your league president should have given each manager a copy of this year's rule book which contains the Tournament Rules and Guidelines (back pages of the LL Rule Book). PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ THEM CAREFULLY.
  • Managers are required to have a first aid kit at each game.
  • Players MUST have the Little League patch on the left sleeve of their uniform.
  • Medical Release forms are required for all participating tournament teams.
  • Permission to Travel forms are required for all participating teams proceeding to the Provincial/Canadian tournaments.

Game Procedure

  • Teams should be ready to take the field one-half hour before game time.
  • Coin toss (if not already done) will be done at least 35 minutes before game time.
  • Home team MUST occupy third base bench.
  • Starting 30 minutes before game time: visiting team gets 10 minutes on the field (infield and outfield), followed by 10 minutes on the field for home team.
  • 20 minutes before game time, manager must give the tournament director three copies of the batting order including full name and uniform number - these will be checked against the affidavit and then the original and one copy will be given to the umpire and the other copy will be given to the scorekeeper. Note that if you want a copy for yourself, you will have to make a 4th copy.
  • 10 minutes before game time: umpire will call coaches to a meeting at home plate for exchange of line-ups, review of ground rules, etc.
  • 5 minutes before game time, the teams will be introduced over the PA. Players should line up along the base paths facing the audience. Teams will be asked to supply two players to read the pledge, one in French and one in English.
  • All substitutions MUST be done through the umpire. Managers must take special notice of the MANDATORY PLAY rule and the SUBSTITUTION rule - this applies to all divisions except Senior and Big League.
  • At the end of the game, managers should verify the pitch count records as recorded by the tournament director. (Team affidavits will be kept by the tournament director for the duration of the tournament).


Before the game begins, it is up to the tournament director to decide if a game is rained out. Unless you have been notified by the tournament director that the game has been postponed, you must come to the field. NEVER decide (or assume) that it is likely to be raining and that the game will be called. Once the game begins, it is up to the umpire to call a rain delay. Only darkness or curfew can cut a game short (6 or 7 innings depending on the division), which means that rain delays can be lengthy. No tournament game will be started at a time which makes it unlikely that the full game can be played before darkness or curfew.