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District 6 Tournaments

The District holds a playdown tournament in each age group to determine which league will represent the district at the Provinical (Divisional) tournament. The leagues take turns acting as host of this tournament.

There are also other tournaments which are not part of the Playdown structure. The format and rules of these tournaments, particularly the pitching rules, must be approved by the DA of the hosting league´s district. Information on any approved local tournaments can be found by clicking on the Local button above.

Any District 6 Tournament published here has been approved by the District 6 DA, as is required by Little League regulations. This means that the tournament committee has submitted details such as format, pitching rules, cost, time limits, tie-breakers and any other variations on Little League rules, and this structure has been approved by the DA as being in keeping with Little League rules and regulations.

If your league is hosting a tournament and would like it posted here, just send the District 6 Administrator an email with all the particulars.

Check out the Little League International website to get World Series information.